[Root & Non Root] Lucky Lucky Patcher’s work and use (complete guideline)!

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[Root & Non Root] Lucky Lucky Patcher’s work and use (complete guideline)!


Those of us who use Android phones and have little knowledge about Android and online,
They are all Lucky Patcher Familiar with the app

Many may one day use,
But I have seen these apps on different sites.

Again there are many,
Those who have downloaded and installed this app but are not able to enjoy all the benefits of this app due to not knowing how to use it.

Today I am writing something for them in the light of my immature knowledge.
I myself do not know about all the benefits of this app.
But what I know is so good for me now!
What I don’t know, I will learn from others.
There is no shame in learning

Whatever can be done

Root and Non Root

1.In app Purchase Hack!
Of all the benefits of this app, I like the best In app Purchase Hack.
I got acquainted with these apps mainly for this purpose.
Coin and Cash of almost all apps and games can be hacked by applying this patch.

2.Ad Blocker!
My very favorite.
This is the first thing I do before downloading any apps.
The work of this patch is annoying Advt. (Advertising) Block.
Using this patch saves many megabytes.

3.License Hack!
Paid apps are a powerful weapon to punish!
Many paid apps cannot be used after downloading from any source other than Play Store due to having License Verification system.
Such as: PowerAmp apps.
Master this Patch to Solve.

4.App Patch!
An extreme function!
Apply it through:
All the great features can be used by modifying the apps and games under it!
Such as: Full Version Crack,Unlimited Money/Cash,Extra Features add etc.
However, if the effective patch is not made / according to the version, then it will not work.
So, before applying the patch, it should be noted that this patch will work in any version of apps / games.

5.Clone App!
One more extreme function!
Any app can be cloned using it.
That is, an app can be installed and used twice on the same phone.
However, it is good to know that not all apps can be cloned.

7.Change app Activities and Permission!
Although many do not understand this function well.
Then he is very useful.
This function can be used to control ad block, apps permission (media control, camera control, network control, etc.) in the advanced system.
However, if it is not advanced, it is better not to use it.
Apps can be a problem.


1.App Backup with Data!
A function that is very important.
Many people use different apps to use it.
But if an app is available at all,
So what is the need for something extra?
Using this function you can backup all the data of your apps.
For example: you want to uninstall Chorome Browser on your phone, but save all your previous save pages and bookmarks for later use.
Then you can use this function.
But be careful!
But ID can be hacked using this system.

2.Disable Package!
Disabling unnecessary apps is very good for increasing battery backup and reducing stress on RAM.
Usually many people use this system to disable system apps which cannot be uninstalled.
But the system to disable system apps is given on mobile by default.

4.Integrate to System App!
The best way to turn any app into a System App.
There are many apps that we want to turn into system apps.
So that even if the phone is reset, those apps are automatically installed again.
Again, the performance of the app is a little better.
Such as: I use this system to get rid of the hassle of repeated installation of Ridmik Keyboard app.
However, if you are an advanced / super user, you can also install apps directly on the system with any root supported file explorer.
This system is very useful for those who understand a little less.

5.UnInstall System App!
Many people use different apps to remove system apps (Map, Chrome, Gamehub, Dropbox etc.).
But if an app is all available,
Then why should I install apps unnecessarily?
Only by using it can you understand what this system is like.
So to remove system apps, use Lucky Patcher instead of other apps.

If you are a root user, you can also use non-root functions.
Root user functions are bonus points.


Some urgent work: –

★ Open the Lucky Patcher and click on the Switches button at the bottom left. The menu will appear. From there, turn on all the options before writing this Proxy Server For Google Play.

Don’t forget to turn of the Proxy Server for Google Play option.
Then the Play Store will not work.
If not, then you will have to read the Host file update again.
But even if you forget, there is no problem.
Click on ToolBox from the bottom bar and click on Block Ads.
Then click on Clear The Local ‘hosts’ File and wait a few seconds.
Problem solved.
Even if you use Freedom, the Play Store often does not work.
This method still works.

★ If Xposed Module is installed, then turn on Xposed> Module> Lucky Patcher.

If Xposed Module is turned on, turn on Lucky Patcher, press the phone’s option button, press the 3 dot button, click on the Apply button with the right sign in all except Hide Lucky Patcher from Xposed Settings.
You can use many new features.

If you want, you can do this from the ToolBox option next to the following Switches.

If Xposed is not installed, click on Patch to Android from ToolBox and save it by clicking on Apply with the right sign in the first three options.

★Click on the ToolBox button, click on Block Ads from the options, and click on Block Ads on Device, and then click Host File Updated.

Get rid of the hassle of repeatedly blocking ads.
If you want, you can turn off Google ads service from Turn off Google ads service.
But I would advise not to.

Don’t go for more than.
I’m not responsible for playing catch-up.

Main work ===>

1. First for InApp Purchase Hack,


(i) Long press on that app.
That is, press and hold the Icon / Details of that app for a while.

(ii) Then from the menu that appears, click Support Patch For InApp LVL Emulation and from the next menu just click the Apply Patch button below.

The process will continue.

(iii) When finished, launch the app and try to buy something.

(iv) You will see that Lucky Patcher’s InApp Purchase Menu has come instead of Play Store’s Payment Menu.
(v) From there click on Yes button on the right side.

You see, it has been successful.

NoN RooT

(i) Long Press
(ii) Click Create Modified Apk and
(iii) Click on Apk rebuilt for Inapp and LvL Emulation. Then,
(iv) Click on Rebuild the App and wait for the process to finish.
(v) Once the process is complete, install and open the hacked system for the rooted phone as described.

If you are a RooT user, you do not need to do the above problems.
Only follow some important steps.
If you want, you can be free from the hassle of repeatedly clicking the Yes button repeatedly with the right sign in the Auto Repeat with current settings from the Purchase menu.
It will save your time and apps / games and run smoothly.
To delete saved Purchase, click Remove Saved Purchase from ToolBox and delete it with Yes.
★ With Lucky Patcher, it is possible to hack InApp Purchase of almost any app / game (except Online). ★

2.Ad Block,


(i) Long press on the app and click on Remove Google Ads

(ii) Click on Patch to Remove Google Ads and mark something from the option

(iii) You can save by clicking on Apply.

However, it would be better not to mark any new ones.
(iv) Now wait till the work is finished.

(v) Launch the app / game as soon as you get a green signal.

Non RooT

(i) Long Press
(ii) Click on Create modified apk file. Then,
(iii) Click on Apk Without Google Ads and
(iv) Click on Rebuild the app and wait till the work is finished.
Now have fun installing.

If you follow some important work steps, you may not have these problems.
However, Non Root users have to.

3. To hack license,


(i) Long press on apps like before
(ii) Click on Remove License Verification.

(iii) Click on Auto Mode and

(iv) Click the Apply button directly below the menu.

(v) Now wait a little.

(vi) Open Green Signal and have fun.

NoN RooT

(i)By Long Press,
(ii)Click on Create Modified apk file and
(iii)Apk Without license verification By clicking on
(iv)Click on Rebuild the app and enjoy after installation.

If you have followed some urgent work steps like before, you will not need to go to these forgeries.
NoN Root users may need to do this.

4.App patch then,


(i)Long press as before
(ii)Click to enter Custom Patch and

(iii)Select a Patch of your choice and version. Then,

(iv)Have fun by clicking the Apply button and applying Patch.

NoN RooT

(i)Long Press Now
(ii)Click on Create Modified apk file and
(iii)Click on Custompatch-applied apk.
(iv) Select Patch and
(v)Click on Apply, wait and install as before and have fun.

Of course, after a couple of days, press the Option / 3 Dot Button, click Download Download Custom Patches and keep the custom patch updated.

5. To Clone the App,

(i)Long press on the app.
(ii)Click on Clone Application and click Clone directly and wait until done.

Not all apps may be.
You need to install yourself after the processor is complete.
Auto will not be installed.

6.To Change App Permission,


(i)Long Press Now,
(ii)Change apps Components By clicking on

(iii)Select any one option. (I would suggest to use Safe Method). Then,

(iv)Select the permissions that will be blocked / changed (if selected, it will turn red)

(v)Click Rebuild and Install and wait until it succeeds.

Non RooT

(i)Long Press Now,
(ii)Click on Create Modified apk file and
(iii)Apk with changed permission and activities By clicking on
(iv)Select the ones you want to change / remove
(v)Click on Rebuild the app and enjoy after installation.

It should not be used unless it is needed.
If you do not understand the apps can be a problem.

7.Using the App Backup With Data function,

(i)Long Press Now
(ii)Backup Click on

(iii)If you are a root user, you can save all the data with Backup app Settings. If NoN Root, only Apk e can be backed up.

If you want, all the data can be transferred by sending this backup file to another phone.
SD from the file manager for that Card>Android>Data>com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService.LOCK>files>LuckyPatcher>Backup Go to and copy / send the data file of the desired app and keep it in the same folder of the other phone. (Must install Lucky Patcher first and the data of the app you want to restore)
Then enter the lucky patcher, long press on the app and click on Restore and click on Restore App Settings to transfer all the data of the app to another phone. (All accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Mail) …….Also)

I am not responsible for misuse

8.Disable Package For systems,

(i)Long Press Now
(ii)Disable by clicking on Disable Package (Freeze).

This system is for root users only.
And to re-enable the disabled apps, you have to click on Enable Package in the same system as before.

9.To take advantage of,

(i)Long Press Now
(ii)Click on Move To System Apps and

(iii)Select Yes and wait until done.

Applies only to root users and reboot / restart the phone after completion of work.

10.System Apps UnInstall For System,

(i)Click on the one you want to uninstall.
(ii)Now click on Uninstall from the menu that opens.

(iii)Yes if you want confirmation.

(iv)Wait a little patiently. It will be successful.

Applies only to Root users and it would be better to reboot / restart the phone after work.
You should restart once by uninstalling multiple apps at once.


If you want to do more work, go beyond my advice and process.
But I will not be responsible for it in any way.
I did not give screenshots for root users as the system is almost the same.
Even then if there is any problem———
★You can contact me with any problem.
Although I do not know anything.
I will still try to help.
Let me know if there are any problems.

Not posted anywhere before.
So, if you have a healthy brain, eliminate the thought of copy paste.
Or post the whole thing with these lines.
And give me credit.
I don’t want anything more than this.

And if you want, mine YouTube You can come back from the channel.
“Thanks for reading”

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